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Katherine Kosman MD, MBA

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High Quality Care
For Video-Based Therapy
& Your Mental Well-Being.


Dr. Kosman holds an MD from Dartmouth and is a Harvard-Trained Psychiatrist. She is a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology as a Board-Certified Psychiatrist.


Dr. Kosman serves on Massachusetts state-level medical committees including for maternal and perinatal welfare and pursues clinical research grant funding to advance postpartum precision medicine. She has authored numerous academic publications spanning parenthood mental health, postpartum mental health, women's mental health, trauma-informed care, societal considerations, diversity and inclusion, neuroscience, and general psychiatry.



As a psychiatrist, Dr. Kosman offers psychotherapy ('talk therapy') as a cornerstone of care. Dr. Kosman's skill set include a portfolio of therapy modalities, including supportive therapy, evidence-based trauma-focused therapy (cognitive processing therapy), structured skills-based therapy, and psychodynamic psychotherapy. She has extensive experience providing therapy via online platforms.

Motherhood and the Working Psychiatrist. Current Psychiatry. 2019

Positioning Psychiatry as a Leader in Trauma-Informed Care (TIC): the Need for Psychiatry Resident Education. Academic Psychiatry. 2019

A Call to Action: the Need for Integration of Transgender Topics in Psychiatry Education. Academic Psychiatry. 2019

Inpatient Hospitalization for Postpartum Depression: Implications for Mother and Infant. Harvard Review of Psychiatry. 2020


Massachusetts Medical Society Committee

on Maternal and Perinatal Welfare

Massachusetts Medical Society Committee on Young Physicians

Brigham Health Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) Initiative (2018-2020)

President of El Segundo Women's Network (promoting workplace diversity and inclusion, as well as spearheading lactation rooms for working mothers) (2006-07)


Harvard Business School: Value-Based Healthcare Delivery

Massachusetts General Hospital: Mental Health for All: Science-Based Skills to Build Resilience During Stressful Times

The Gottman Institute: The Transition to Parenthood: Thriving, Not Just Surviving

The Gottman Institute: Emotion Coaching: The Heart of Parenting

Massachusetts General Hospital Perinatal Psychiatry:   In-Depth Modules for Enhanced Approaches


Postpartum Support International (PSI)

American Medical Association (AMA)

American Psychiatric Association (APA)

Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS)

North American Society for Psychosocial Obstetrics and Gynecology (NASPOG)

Marcé of North America for Perinatal Mental Health

AND you prefer a therapist

with real-world experience,

not just school coursework.


Dr. Kosman integrates first-hand knowledge of professional realms, bridging fields with a richness of background experiences that inform her perspective on relevant issues in high-achieving workplaces. 


Dr. Kosman has worked in corporate and consulting environments, and obtained an MBA from the Tuck School of Business.


She also has professional experience as an engineer, a surgical intern, and an anesthesia resident. Dr. Kosman has first-hand understanding of professional challenges, stressors, and goals.


Dr. Kosman has pursued life outside of academia, including travel to six continents and global adventure. She finds fulfillment in helping others align with their own personal values and life dreams. 


Dr. Kosman has real-world parenting experience and understands the struggles in role transitions, childcare, the second shift, work/life balance, mental load, and parenthood mental health. Her work includes helping parents realign with their own sense of self.

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