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1. What kind of advice do you provide?

You'll notice that many self-help books and websites dispense an array of advice depending on the author's own life experience and opinions. This time in therapy is an opportunity to invest in YOU, to understand your own journey, and to better hear the compass of your own inner voice. By helping you better understand your own patterns, triggers, and life story, this practice aspires to help you feel better resourced to give yourself the self-care, self-respect, and self-motivation that you deserve.

2. Will you fix my relationship?

Individuals find that working on their own mental health can create highly beneficial support, insights, and clarified communication of your needs. If you are specifically looking for couples work in which both individuals would attend together, I suggest contacting a couples counselor or couples therapist.

3. Do you treat children?

No, this time is focused on you. If you have concerns about your child's behavior or attention, I suggest reaching out to your child's pediatrician for questions and next steps.

4. Who is not a good fit?

This service is not a good fit for individuals who self-harm, have had suicide attempts, have active disordered eating, struggled with substance abuse, or have had recent inpatient hospitalizations, as this practice believes those individuals are best treated by in-person care.

5. Who IS a good fit?

The adults who make the most strides are those interested in engaging in this work, taking the time for themselves, motivated to look deep, and inspired to thrive.

Work Environment

How this Works

1. Are all appointments virtual?

Yes, all sessions are via telehealth. This offers ultimate convenience to you, with privacy in the comfort of your home and without traffic, parking lots, or awkward waiting rooms.


2. Who do you serve?

Individuals anywhere in Massachusetts. If you are elsewhere, please reach out with your location and to be informed of future expansion.


3. How often would we meet?

We will develop a plan together to make our time collaborative and the best fit for your needs. Often individuals find the most personal progress with weekly appointments, although others may desire less frequent check-ins.


4. What tech will I need?

The most important things you will need are a quiet private space and high speed internet. You can use any device with a camera - such as your laptop, tablet, or smart phone.


5. Do you prescribe medications?

Yes, I am an MD who can prescribe. We can discuss together if medications, such as for depression and/or anxiety, are a good fit for you or if you prefer to focus on therapy. Many patients who take medications also benefit from therapy to make the most strides.

Given the virtual-only nature of this service, the policy of this practice is to NOT prescribe controlled substances (including stimulants such as Adderall or benzodiazepines such as Ativan or Xanax), as those patients would better be served by in-person visits with obtainment of vital signs.

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